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  • Fact: Most businesses get to a certain point and STICK!
  • Moving forward again demands new ideas and innovation
  • Trial and error is not the best answer... Life its too short to make all the mistakes yourself
  • You need battle-tested strategies that work, from the world’s most successful entrepreneurs!
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In This Book You Will Discover How To:

  • Find money where none exists
  • Get more form your staff
  • Innovate new products and programs that attract $$$
  • Avoid the mistakes that kill 95% of all businesses
  • Maximize all areas of your business for optimal returns
  • Plus much more


Discover How To Rapidly Maximize The Full Potential of Your Business!

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur:

          If you are a typical business owner you most likely already work far too many hours, for far too little money and far too few holidays. The sad thing is working even more hours, borrowing more money or trying even harder rarely, if ever, solves the problems you face.

         I have been there, more than once, and every time I have struggled through the tough times that all business owners face I eventually solved all my problems with the simplest of ideas. Not more toil, money or resources.


What you need is a change of strategy not a change of business.

         You need to look at how you are approaching the various keys aspects of your business and find a smarter way to maximize your results! Very often the simplest of changes can generate breakthrough results and suddenly you are enjoying rapid growth and success.

         But you don’t know what you don’t know and that’s where I can help you.

         From shoestring start-ups, to multi-million dollar corporations, I have helped thousands of business owners around the world maximize their businesses’ true potential by sharing the lessons I have learned the hard way in Cunningly Clever Entrepreneur!

There are shortcuts to business
success and lots of them!

         Ways to find money where none exists, steal business from bigger competitors, hire top talent and find that tipping point that turns a struggling or stalled business into a massive success!  

         At the same time, there are just as many unseen black holesready to suck your time, money and resolve. Employee problems, financial problems, growing pains, competition, regulations and even customers!

     How My Successes, Failures and Research Can
Help You Succeed in
Maximizing Your Businesses’ True Potential Faster!

         Hi, my name is Andrew Wood. Although I quit high school at 15, I am fortunate to have made millions, in several different fields including the martial arts business, an ad agency, (which I still run), an Internet business, a magazine and a software company. I guess I'm just a serial entrepreneur!

         All were started with little or nothing. None used outside financing and I had no high-powered friends or rich relations!

         Along the way, I've helped thousands of business owners just like you realize their own business goals by showing them how to Maximize their success in a variety of businesses large and small!

         In fact, you'll increase your cash flow and productivity in so many different ways you’ll wonder where all the money was hiding!

         Here are just a few examples of how my ideas have help maximized all kinds of different businesses:

  • With an innovative change in marketing strategy I helped a software company maximize it’s potential and quadruple the size of their business in 18 months.
  • Through a process of innovation we came up with three new products that helped a horse training company maximize its’ database and add over $100,000 a month in residual income, in just 12 weeks
  • With a systemized approach to management I took a single karate school and maximized it’s potential by turning it into a chain of 400 units, in just six years.
  • I maximized the returns at a top resort when I cut their marketing budget by 50% and changed their advertising from a shotgun to laser approach that resulted in increasing their business by over a million dollars a year!
  • I took a failing family business and showed them how to maximize their client base by raising the $250,000 they badly needed for renovation from within, with no interest, no payback and no loss of equity! All it takes is a new set of eyes and ideas!
  • With a change in sales strategy I was able to maximize a mail order business and add $30,000 a month in additional sales the first month alone!


The One Book Every Entrepreneur Should Read -
Endorsed by 
A Who’s Who of Top Business Leaders!


"This amazing cunningly clever series is loaded with practical, proven methods and techniques to attract more customers and make more sales than you will be able to handle. These little known marketing strategies are the keys to great business success!"

Brian Tracy, world-famous sales, management and motivational author of over 45 books.

thopkins.png"Cunningly Clever, reveals the inside secrets Andrew Wood has accumulated over a lifetime of studying and practicing what works in the real world when his own money is at stake. My company is using his ideas—and seeing results. I highly recommend it!"

Tom Hopkins, Author of How to Master The Art of Selling, Scottsdale, AZ

madolfsson.png“The ideas and strategies I learned from Andrew helped me build a 20 million dollars business in my twenties and become one of the fastest growing companies in the USA!“

Marcus Adolfsson,
CEOSmart Phone Pros

kblanchard.png"A down-to-earth and practical program for anyone looking to get ahead in business and in life."

Ken Blanchard co-author of the Worldwide Bestseller  The One Minute Manager

sjaffe.png“Wood does it again, aces his third Cunningly Clever book in a row with straight-to-the-heart advice that will make an instant and profitable difference in how you manage and grow your business!” 

Scott Jaffe, Jaffe Tilchen Financial Services

asutherland.png"I found the new and practical concepts in this program, BRILLANT even for an large, industrial-based business like mine. The out-of-the-box ideas are light years ahead of anyone in my industry!"

Alan Sutherland, CEO
Environmental Technologies, PA

jclevinson.png"Cunningly Clever made me laugh, wince, nod in agreement, howl, point out a statement to my wife, and become wiser in the ways of both marketing and reality. A superb read!” 

Jay Conrad LevinsonAuthor
"Guerrilla Marketing"



rcrandall.png“Uncommonly good advice from a man who’s helped thousands of entrepreneurs, big and small, make millions!”

Rick Crandall, PhD
Founder, Community Entrepreneurs
Author, Marketing for People Who Hate To Sell

Here’s Exactly How I Will Help You: 

img1.jpg1.  Maximize Your Business With A Bullet Proof Blue Print to Entrepreneurial Success!

No matter what stage of the corporate life cycle your business is in, this section will quickly enhance the effectiveness of your thinking, tactics and strategy so you can maximize your short term and long term revenue.

  • Critical Business Advice You MUST Not Ignore!
  • Sweat Equity Be Dammed – If You Are Not Getting Paid, You Are Not in Business!
  • The Simple Paradigm Shift You Need to Create Massive Business Success!
  • Why Developing a Corporate Culture of Kaizan and Sales Will Pay Huge Dividends for You and Your Staff
  • Understand WHAT Business You Are Actually in Because Most People Don’t and It Kills Their Chances of Success!
  • The Importance of One-Page Business Plans; Why If It Doesn’t Work on Paper, It Won’t Work in Real Life!
  • Why You MUST Build Your Business on a Franchise Model Even If You Never Plan to Own More Than a Single Flea-Market Stall
  • The Critical Importance of Spending Time Each Week Working on Your Business Not in It! It’s a Small Difference That Makes a Massive difference in Your Long-Term Success!
  • Seven Resolutions for Superior Business Performance!
  • Why Ego Kills Most Companies and How to Make Sure It Doesn’t Ruin Yours!

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Maximize Your Business By Avoiding The BIG Mistakes That Kill Most Businesses and Injure The Rest!

A single major mistake can put your business under or at the very least damage it for years to come. Almost all major mistakes can be avoided, but you need to know where the disasters are lurking. This section shows you how to quickly identify and avoid them!

  • Why You Must NEVER Underestimate the Enemy!
  • Never Fall in Love with Your Product, Price, or Idea. The Market Will Tell You What It Wants!
  • Why You Should Never, Never, Ever, Put All Your Money in One Bank.
  • Never Forget, Your Core Business Is Where the Money Is!
  • Why You Should Never – and I Do Mean NEVER – Put ALL Your TRUST in One “Key” Person
  • Why Most Partnerships End Ugly and How to Protect Yourself If and When Yours Does!
  • Critical Lessons Learned Again and Again and Again at Great Cost!
  • Take Heed of These Five Laws of Business. They Apply No Matter What Your Business.
  • Sage Advice from Kenny Rodgers on When to Get Out!

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3. Maximize Your Business By Getting the Most from Employees – Secrets That No One Else Dares to Tell You.

        Sad but true, 95% of all your problems will come from within, from your own employees! Learn how to spot problems, stop them and turbo charge employee performance with the critical lessons in this section.

  • Why you Must Hire Slowly and Fire Fast.
  • Employees Rise to Meet Expectations. How to Set Yours High to Gain That Extra Motivation That Makes a Difference!
  • Discover the Perfect Ad for Finding the Perfect Employee.
  • The Ten-Dollar Interview – a Massive Time Saver That Weeds the Losers Out Fast!
  • Learn the Best Interview Question Ever for Finding Great Employees!
  • Just How Much Is ALL That Experience Your Prospective Employee Has Really Worth? The Answer You’ve Been Looking For!!!
  • Deadly Interview Clues, Stories, and Circumstances from Which You Must Run and Hide!
  • Eight Universal Qualities to Look for in a Great Employee!
  • Why You Should Offer Average Pay, GENEROUS Bonuses and Fun!
  • Use Position Agreements Rather than Job Descriptions to Get Superior Employee Performance!
  • Why 95% of Your Employees Will Steal From You, Even if It's ONLY YOUR Time

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img4.png4. Maximize Your Business by Finding The
Perfect Location & Getting The Right Deal

If your business involves an office or retail location of any kind, where you locate can make or break your business. Learn the inside secrets of the big guys without having to pay thousands for demographics or traffic studies.

  • Do You Need to Rent at All? Don’t let others – or ego – talk you into renting space you don’t need; go virtual whenever you can, as quickly as you can!
  • Buying Your Building? How to Buy Smart!
  • Finding the Perfect Location for Your Business.
  • Will the Population Base Support Your Business? The Answer to a Key Question!
  • If There Is Competition, Is There Enough Business to Go Around? Here’s How to Determine the Answer…
  • When Good Locations Go Bad and What to Do About It!
  • It’s Not Just About Population; It Has to Be the Right Type of Population for Your Business!
  • Does Your Market Have the Median Income and Discretionary Income So Prospective Customers Can Afford Your Products and Services?
  • The Deadly Effects of Parking and Traffic Flow!
  • Locate Where the Growth Will Be!
  • Why YOU MUST Pay Attention to Media Boundaries; If You Rely on Local Advertising, It Can Save You a Fortune When Choosing a Location!
  • What One Factor ALWAYS Guarantees People Will Come to Your Location!
  • Seven-Step Plan for Finding the Perfect Location.
  • Five Timeless Tips on Negotiating a Favorable Lease.

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 img5.png5. Maximize Your Business With Superior Marketing!

        After reading this chapter and quickly understanding what really gets
results, you may well fire your agency, website vendor or graphics person. Then
you can show them how to make the phone ring off the hook with proven
street-smart techniques you’ve learned!

  • Before You Spend a Single Dime on Marketing, Do This First!!!
  • The Critical Importance of Understanding Your Customer’s LTV.
  • There Are Only 3 Ways to Grow Your Business! There Are a Thousand Things You Can Do in the Name of Marketing. Focus on Exploring These Three First!
  • Why the Person with the Biggest Database Always Wins!
  • Preach to the Choir, Don’t Try to Covert the Muslims!
  • Why a Great Sales Letter Will Ultimately Produce More Money for Your Business Than Any Other Single Marketing Investment!
  • Never Do Anything in the Name of Marketing That Does Not Contain These Four Elements. NEVER!
  • Spend Your Money Only When and Where It Can Produce Maximum Returns and How to Figure Out Exactly Where That Is!
  • Why Changing the Focus of Your Advertising from Selling to Starting Relationships Will Produce Huge Gains In Profits!
  • Use Micro Sites and Vertical Websites to Massively Boost Online Sales.
  • Why the More Focused Your Website, the More Money You'll Make!
  • Why a Small Change in Marketing Strategy, Pricing, or Packaging Can Produce Amazing Financial Breakthroughs Even for a Struggling Business.
  • The 60-Minute Marketing Success Plan – Just One Hour Spent Following This Simple Plan Will Pay Huge Dividends for Your Business. Do You Have the Time?

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6.     Maximize Your Business and Fuel Rapid Growth
Through Innovation & Creativity

    The best advantage every small business has is the opportunity to change
quickly to create and innovate before the big guys know what’s happening.
In this chapter you’ll learn the techniques you need to
continually innovate brilliant and profitable ideas from within.

  • Discover the Art of Spotting, Creating, and Capitalizing on Opportunity!
  • Why You Should Always Be Asking, How Can I Do “IT” Better?
  • The Hidden Power of Problems  -  Why They Are the Keys to Your Next Innovation, Product, or Service.
  • Learn Why the More Ridiculous the Question, the More Powerful the Right Answer Will Be!
  • Why Developing Premium Products or Services to Offer Existing Customers Is the Quickest and Easiest Ways to Increase Profits.
  • Get Out of Your Industry. There Is a Great Idea Right Now in Another Industry Just Waiting to Be Adopted by Yours; What Is It?
  • Look for Holes in Your Market-There Is Tons of Money in Holes!
  • Why Very Often a Small Seemingly Insignificant Change in Your Product's Color, Size, Material or Packaging Can Have a Profound Effect on Your Sales!
  • How to Add or Take Away Something to Your Existing Product or Service to Change the Value Proposition to Your Customers and Supercharge Orders.
  • Empower Everyone on Staff to Innovate. A Lot of the Best Innovations Come From the Front Lines.
  • How to Use Speed as Your Strategy to Easily Outflank Your Competition
  • Discover Why the More Creative You Are in Accepting Payment, the More Money You Will Make!

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img7.jpg7.  Maximize Your Business By Tearing Up The Textbooks –
      And Using Entrepreneurial Management Techniques
      for Superior Performance

Reading the bios of the world's top CEOs who run Fortune 500 companies will get you nowhere when it comes dealing in the day-to-day trenches of the entrepreneur’s world. You need battle-tested plans that get you more from less!

  • “God Must Have Loved the Common Man for He Made So Many of Them!” Abe Lincoln - Take the Lead In Inspiring Ordinary Employees to Greatness with These Simple, Proven Concepts!
  • Are Your People Doing What They Should, or What They Want? It Could Be Ruining Your Business.
  • The Simple, Retro Management Tool That Will Work Wonders for Your Productivity!
  • Do You Know Your Three Critical Sales Numbers and What They Instantly Tell You About the Health of Your Business?
  • What Gets Measured, Including the Intangible, Gets Done – Even Better, Here Is How….
  • Why a Good CRM, Used Daily and to Its Full Potential, Is Worth Its Weight in Gold
  • Why Most Business Contracts Are Worthless!
  • Why You Should t Use Your Existing Staff for What They Do Best and Outsource The Rest!
  • There Is a Prime Size for Your Business at Which It Will Produce Maximum Revenue in Its Current Form. I’ll Show You How to Find Your Prime!
  • How to Quickly Develop the Greatest Skill in Management!
  • How to Always Make GREAT Decisions About the Future of Your Business.
  • How to Cultivate Your Customers and Clients to Become Partners. That’s Where The REAL Money and Satisfaction from Your Business Will Come From.
  • Why You MUST Up-Size Slowly and Downsize Fast!
  • Six Steps to Effective Delegation to Gain Back Your Life!

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img8.png8. Maximize Your Business With Customer Service That Keeps Them For Life!

Getting customers is one thing, keeping them happy, buying and referring others is quite another. Get the inside secrets to customer service and dramatically increase you customer loyalty with simple and effective strategies to turn your customers into raving fans!

  • Why Customer Perception Is Reality!
  • Why Most Companies' Service (including Yours and Mine) Is NOT Nearly as Good as They Think It Is!
  • Why Wonderful Service Attracts Business Like a Magnet
  • How to Make All Employees – Service Oriented!
  • Why Customers Leave and How to Keep Them!
  • Why Existing Customers Are The Most Important
  • The Customer Is Not Always Right! And Why Eliminating Poor Customers Save You a Lot of Heartache!
  • Why Pan Am and 20 Other Airlines Went Bankrupt and What You Should Learn from Their Mistakes!
  • How to Eliminate Poor Pricing Strategies; Nothing Infuriates Customers More!
  • Eliminating STUPID, Non-Customer-Friendly Policies
  • How to Develop a Complaint System That Will Always Produce Superior Results.
  • The Beauty of Accessibility - a Simple Advantage You Can Offer That Others Won’t.
  • The Power of Personal Information. Why the More You Know About Your Customers, the Deeper the Bonds with Your Customers Will Be!
  • The Importance of Training Your Customers to Receive Great Service.

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9. Maximize Your Business By Discovering The Secrets to Starting Amazing New Ventures & Launching New Hit Products In Your Market Place

 There are a lot of moving parts and pitfalls in starting a new venture or launching a new product. Get it right the first time and save yourself time, money and heartache!

  • The Importance of Perfect Timing and How to Find It for Your Next Product!
  • Pioneers Get Shot! Why Leveraging Off an Existing Idea Is Far Less Risky!
  • Discover Why the More Vertical Your Market, the Greater Your Chance of Success.
  • Whatever Business You Start, It Needs to Be Fueled by Passion for That Product, Service or Industry.
  • Look for Opportunities With Residual Income Potential. Without Residual Life Is Hard.
  • Become a Business Sponge - the More You Know, the More You Grow!
  • Exactly What to Do Before Singing “Take This Job and Shove It!” and Committing to a New Venture!
  • Why Businesses Fail When They Expand – How to Avoid the Common Pitfalls!
  •  The Two Areas You MUST Be Superior in to Succeed.
  • Why the Big Money in Any Venture May Not Be in the Most Obvious or Traditional Places!
  • Ten Ways to Get the Cash You Need to Start or Grow Your Business.

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img10.png10. Maximize Your Business by Creating a Buzz

   Learn simple strategies to get a big bang for your buck, to create a buzz in your market and build top-of-the-mind awareness for you!

  • The Key Media Strategy Any Small Business Owner Can Steal from Branson, Trump and Jobs to Massively Increase Their Brand!
  • Personality Sells and If That Personality Is Sexy, So Much the Better!
  • Consistency Breeds Confidence - Confidence Builds Brand.
  • Why The Total Customer Experience Is Usually More Important Than the Actual Product or Service!
  • Creating Instant Credibility!
  • Why Nothing Builds Credibility Like a Book and How to Write One Even If You Can’t Write!
  • The Three Keys to Building Your Brand and Profiting from an e-Newsletter.
  • The Amazing Lead-Generating Power of a Third-Party Endorsement – Even from a Fictional Character!
  • How to Steal Apple or Nike’s Ideas to Instantly Connect With Your Town’s Opinion Leaders.

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11.  Maximizing Your Business By Effective Use of Social Media


             Learn the inside scoop on how to effectively use social media to increase your business and YES, actually make MONEY from social media!

  • The Three KEY Words to Build Your Social Media Strategy Around (That Few People Know) to Instantly Turbo Charge Your Fan base!
  • Quickly Building Buzz & Brand For Your Business by Blogging.
  • What to Blog About?
  •  The Big Blogging Secret No One Told You About.
  • Why You Shouldn’t Worry Too Much About Grammar, Spelling, Perfect English, or Emulating Mark Twain with Your Writing Skills.
  • Thirteen Ways to Use Twitter Effectively.
  • Building Buzz and Brand with Facebook.
  • Engaging with Your Fans and Converting Them to Action.
  • How to Maximize Your Productivity on Facebook
  • The Keys to Using LinkedIn to Boost Your Business!
  • How to Delivering Social Proof to Your Audience to Build Biz.
  • How to Exploit the Power of YouTube to Make Yourself a TV Star.
  • Profiting from Facebook $$$

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img12.jpg12.  Maximize Your Business Through Better Sales Techniques

Nothing happens in any business until a sale is made. Discover how to quickly and easily boost your sales dramatically with the information in this chapter.

  • Want Massive Growth? Then Use These Techniques to Train Your People How to Sell!  
  • Conquering the Fears That Hold Back 99% of Salespeople from Being Superstars.
  • Why If You Don’t Sell Yourself, You Won’t Sell Anything.
  • How to Open a Rapport-Building Conversation
  • Qualifying Your Prospects
  • Making an Effective Presentation.  
  • The Keys to Overcoming Objections to Quickly Double or Triple Your Sales.
  • Developing the PERFECT Answer to Any Objection!
  • Legendary Closing: How Sign Up More Customers and Clients With Ease in Just a Few Well-Chosen Words.
  • Finding the Perfect Time to Ask for the Sale by Spotting These Simple Closing Signals.
  • Legendary Follow-Up; How to Keep the Sales Rolling In! 

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img13.png13. Maximize Your Business 
Through Problem Solving

Your success in life is very much determined by how well you solve problems, both yours and other people's. This chapter will provide a whole new set of tools to turbo-charge your problem-solving ability, allowing you to move any mountain currently in your path!

  • “Thinking is the hardest work there is; that’s why people do so little of it” Henry Ford – Why You MUST Resolve to Become a Creative Problem Solver.
  • How to Use a One-Page Strategic Plan as Your Best-Ever Guide to Solving Problems.
  • How to Quickly Decide What Problems Are Worth Solving!
  • Making Sure You Solve the Right Problem.
  • Examine the Constraints - Are the Constraints You Perceive Real or Can They Simply Be Removed?
  • Generating Creative Solutions & the Power of Brainstorming.
  • Finding the Root Cause
  • Play the What-if Game - What Would Napoleon Do?
  • Go Beyond Your Normal Circles for Answers. Very Often the Best Solutions Will Come from Outside!
  • How to Get SUPER Creative by Simply Changing Your Problem-Solving Environment.
  • The Art of Entrepreneurial Deal Making!
  • Why Your Biggest Problems Become Your Best Opportunities.
  • Always Act Decisively.
  • Why Your Success Will Ultimately Be Determined by the Quantity and Quality of Your Well-Developed Options. Always have a Plan B!
  • How to Develop a Problems/Solutions Database
  • When You Can’t Seem to Solve a Problem, Change Your Problem!

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img14.jpg14. Maximize Your Business By Overcoming Adversity,
The Key to Making Millions!

Running your own business is never easy, it’s full of problems and disappointment. 
Learn from the world's best leaders how to deal with the challenges
and adversity that face every entrepreneur before ultimate victory!

  • The Persistence Factor – the Turning Point to Greatness.
  • The Experience Factor & the Power of Failure to Turn Defeats into Victories!
  • The Reality Factor -- Dream Big But Live in Reality!
  • The Goals Factor –  Why They Are the Master Skill of Success!
  • The Motivation Factor - “Give me enough ribbon and I can conquer the world” – Napoleon. How to Motivate Yourself and Your Staff Even When Times Are Tough!
  • The Preparation Factor – How to Stack the Deck in Your Favor Every Time!
  • The Method Factor – Why You Need a System to Succeed!
  • The Action Factor – Why Action Creates Opportunity and Procrastination Is the Enemy!
  • The Discipline Factor -- Time, Focus and the Power of the Petro Principle.
  • The Passion Factor – Creating an Unbeatable Business Edge!
  • The Score Factor -- If You Don’t Keep Score, You Are Really Not Playing to Win. Here’s How to Do It Simply & Effectively!
  • The Change Factor - Embrace Change, Seek It Out;  Besides Death and Taxes, It’s the Only Thing You Can Count On!

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Over 489 pages (Over 8 hours on audio) of Proven Management, Leadership, Sales, Marketing, Service and Financial Strategies to Quickly Maximize Your Business!

            The only regret you'll ever have from investing in this book is that you didn't discover it sooner! This is real-world advice from a battle-tested veteran who has helped MAXIMIZE the PROFITS of thousands of successful companies from the ground up and is still out there actually doing it because it’s FUN!

            It doesn't matter what type of business you are in, retail, professional, B2B, Internet or direct selling; the strategies in this book WILL improve YOUR company’s business regardless of size or industry and increase YOUR profits rapidly! 
But you have to invest to get the RESULTS!

You're Going to Earn Back A Thousand Times Your Investment in This Book! 

     For most business owners, if what you read brings in just a FEW customers or clients and gives you new tactics to continue bringing in additional ones -- you're in a position to print money.

Quite frankly this will be the best investment you have ever made in your business for ROI. What’s more I guarantee it…

guarantee.pngNo Risk To You With Our 90 Day Money Back Guarantee!

     With our Ironclad Money Back Guarantee you have nothing to lose and ten’s of thousands of dollars to gain from the exciting, practical and proven information in this book.

     You’ll have three full MONTHS to decide… if this works for you!

      If you don't agree that the information and strategies contained in The Cunningly Clever Entrepreneur are worth ONE HUNDRED TIMES THE COVER PRICE in cold hard cash to your club, simply send it back for a full refund. Invest now and maximize your club’s income immediately. Order Now!

     With our Ironclad Money-Back Guarantee you have nothing to lose and hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of dollars, to gain from the exciting and practical information in this book!


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Andrew Wood

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Author, Andrew Wood Has A Passion For Maximizing Business Success

            Born in Oxford, England and growing up in the midland county of Shropshire, Andrew Wood immigrated to America  in 1980 to peruse a career as a professional golfer. Unfortunately lack of talent held him back and he accidently found himself running a small karate school in Southern California. After struggling to survive for 18 months as a small business owner he decided to focus all his attention on marketing. This focus soon paid off and he quickly increased his income to six figures while still in his twenties.

           His initial interest in marketing turned into a passion and he quickly turned the single school into a national franchise of over 400 units. After selling out of the karate business in the late 90’s he move to Florida where he founded Legendary Marketing, a business designed to combine his passion for golf and travel with his marketing expertise.

           Legendary quickly built a name for itself in the golf industry with innovative websites, social media and online campaigns. Over the last decade Wood has worked with over 1500 golf clubs, resorts and developments, in over twenty countries. His clients include properties in the USA, Canada, England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Spain, Russia, the Caribbean and Morocco to name just a few.

           Author of over 20 sales and marketing books including; Cunningly Clever MarketingCunningly Clever SellingCunningly Clever Entrepreneur and The Golf Marketing Bible. The A-Z Guide to Membership Marketing and many more.He is considered the world’s leading expert in golf, resort and real estate marketing and spoken to thousands of audiences worldwide on this and other topics from his books.  A pioneer in internet marketing his creative talent, out of the box ideas and copywriting skills are at the core of his expertise. Regarded as one of the top marketing minds in the world his ability to generate leads and increase income!

           In his spare time he travels the world, plays golf & tennis, writes books and occasionally races cars!


Endorsed by The Big Guys and The Little Guys as The One Book Every Entrepreneur Should Read if They Want To Maximize Their Business!

kevin.jpg“As the owner of a small recording studio, I found Andrew Wood’s Cunningly Clever business-building information, sales techniques and marketing strategies astonishingly enlightening. I will no doubt profit from all of them for years to come. It’s like the light finally went on, providing a clear path to business growth!” 

Kevin Hunt, Signature Sound

drew.png"The down-to-earth information in this program is perfect for the true entrepreneur who knows things seldom work out as planned. It has allowed me to take my once struggling video business and rapidly double my client list while increasing my prices to boot. I am finally getting paid what I knew I was worth all along!”

Drew Sherman, Drewville Productions

dwayne.jpg“As a one-man comedy and magic show I need big results from a small budget. I have found all of Andrew's business advice amazingly profitable. This program is the next best thing to having him sit across your desk and provide you with years of shortcuts. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for real-world results instead of hype!"

Dwayne Hill, Los Angeles & Miami

elvis.png“In the PR world I see a lot of false hype. Cunningly Clever Entrepreneur isn’t that – it’s solid from cover to cover and is worthy of its praise. It’s practical, street-smart advice from someone who has done it and is still doing it in the real world. Without a doubt, the best book I've read on business success!"

Andrew Barker, Florida

leslie.jpg"Every minute is packed full of great ideas on management, marketing, sales, growth and creativity. No matter how many times I listen to [the Cunningly Clever books], they never fail to stimulate new ideas I can easily adapt to my business!”

Lesile Devitz, Women on Course

ronnie.jpg“I have all of the Cunningly Clever books and this may be the best yet! Unlike the majority of management books written by those in large corporations or academia, this tackles the real problems of 
everyday entrepreneurs and solves them!

Ronnie Springer, CEO, Auto Sport

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